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Insurance reports

ESQ Consulting have many years experience in preparing insurance reports for both commercial and residential clients.


We will come to your property, carry out an inspection and then advise you on your options regarding insurance. We can advise on the extent of the damage, make suggestions regarding contractors and while all the time liasing with the insurance company to ensure your claim is handled fairly and not undervalued by the insurance company.


Common cases for your insurance reports being commisioned is in the case of water damage to your home or for example some form of subsidence occuring.


Normally when a claim is successful our costs are covered by the insurer.

One recent case we covered was during the Christmas holiday a family left their home for a period of one week. During this time the adjacent house which was a rental property but had been empty for some time. Due to the extreme weather a pipe burst in the attic of the rental property causing significant water damage to both houses.


Our clients insurance company evaluated the damage to their property but the figure put forward was far below the actual cost of repair.


Once we started on the case we proceeded to get a proper valuation on the cost of repairing the damage and also pursued the neighbouring house's insurer for damages and won.


The end result being all damage repaired and our clients house being re-instated to its previous condition.