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Dilapidation Surveys

The two most common cases we come across for delapidation surveys are:


1: End of lease delapidation survey:  This is usually done at the end of the lease as part of the rental agreement. The building will be surveyed and any defects or damage beyond normal wear and tear are recorded in a written report which is then issued to the landlord. We will aslo advise you on the the corrective actions to be taken and give an estimate of the time and costs involved while also providing you with a colour report in both paper and electronic formats.


2: Structural delapidation survey: Here at ESQ Consulting our delapidation surveys are carried out by a chartered structural engineer. The survey is often required if a contractor engages in major construction work in close proximety to businesses and homes. The survey is done before work commences and will record all existing structural defects in the adjacent buidlings before work commences. This offers more protection to all involved. If siginificant  structural cracks are visible we may advise on the installation of tell tale crack monitors. These are precision gauges which track horizontal and vertical movement to an accuracy of +/- 1mm and by interpolation to +/- 0.5mm.

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