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Condition Surveys

A condition survey is often done in a commercial situation where by a either a long term lease is about to be put in place or if major construction works are on going adjacent to a property you own.


In the area of say a 10 year commercial lease of an office building ESQ consulting will carry out a thorough investigation of the building, its fabric and all its furnishing and fixtures. This is done by means of written notes and detailed photographs which are then amalgamated into a report in both hardcopy and digital format. This report will allow you to assess any subsequent deterioration of the building after  the tennant moves in. The conditin survey will be carried out by a fully qualified engineer with experience in this area.

A condition survey is also advisable in the case of major construction works going on adjacent to a property  you may own. If some one else is demolishing a building tied on to yours or even if they are installing a basement carpark or some other major structural item its advisable to carry out a condition survey prior to the work commencing for no other reason than to offer some element of protection to the asset you own. If for example some one didnt bother doing a condition survey and after say 2 months of construction work on some one elses property that a structural crack appears in your building, you will be in all likelyhood be told that it was always there and without a condition survey you will have very little to stand on in legal terms. You shouldnt have to expect to have your property be damaged by some one else and by doing a condition survey it offers you more protection should anything happen.


At ESQ we have fully qualified staff with expertise in this area to carry out condition surveys. You will recieve a colour written report and also an electronic copy for your records.


For example, a condition survey of a 4 storey city centre commercial property will cost €465 including Vat. For further information do not hesitate in contacting us.